About 3S Group

Secured Smart Systems (3S) is a leading system integrator that provides innovative solutions which are tailor made to meet our customers' diversified needs. We provide scalable and reliable solutions using the cutting-edge Microsoft technologies in the areas of e-business, enterprise infrastructure, enterprise business solutions, enterprise applications integration and business intelligence.


In 3S, we perfectly understand what it takes to deliver quality products and services. Our primary mission is to actively manage our resources, products and solutions so as to continually enhance their value as a long-term investment for the company and to enhance their value for those who have chosen to work with 3S.


Our vision is centered on people - through them we achieve success. We believe that the journey is as important as the destination. We are driven by the commitment to satisfy our customers and we achieve this through the development, production and delivery of quality services to all our customers.

Team Work

Secured Smart Systems is composed of highly qualified and devoted professionals who strive in every way to provide the highest in top-quality products and services. We have strived to create and provide these services in the manner by which we have always been seeking for ourselves. We demand it and so should you. Our experts are dedicated to providing our customers with the best services in the entire industry.