Traffic Software

3S met the challenge of establishing and implementing efficient traffic management system through automated, functional monitoring system that allows accurate vehicle tracking. The system utilizes EVR system that issues Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) and associated RFID readers. It can be used in Toll Stations, Vehicle Identification Systems, and Fleet Management & Tracking Systems.

Our traffic system helps maintaining, automating and managing the traffic system services which include driving licenses management system, vehicles licenses management system, fines management system and accidents management system through a centralized based traffic management solution. The system facilitates data entry as well as processing and reporting among all traffic units in the governmental traffic system. Moreover, it reduces the expected data entry mistakes by enforcing wide range of validations and restrictions. It also makes it easy to maintain the administration tasks and processes via the administration desktop application which provides a friendly easy-to-use interface to accomplish such tasks and processes. Besides, our system introduces a financial module built in the solution to manage the financial issues of the services applied in the system.

It also provides reports and statistical graphs regarding the financial status for each site or for the whole system. The project is mainly built based on enterprise ASP Microsoft Web Application Technology which allows max number of users to get access to the system from any computer (PC) or portable device (Tablets, PDA, Zero Client…etc.) on traffic network infrastructure. As a matter of fact, the project team completely understands the nature of a vital and dynamic business system model as the traffic management system. So, they support the current traffic business rules side by side with the probability of adding/altering new rules in the system later.

System Modules

  • Driving License Management Web Application
  • Vehicle License Management Web Application
  • Printing Server
  • Traffic Violation Ticketing System (Using PDA)
  • Traffic Violation Management Web Application
  • Integrated Financial Application
  • Integrated Electronic Payment Gateway (e-Payment)
  • Traffic Accidents Registration Web Application
  • Integrated Vehicle Insurance Application
  • Integrated Vehicle Inspection Application
  • Auditing system
  • Data Reporting and Statistical Web Application