TAMPro is an advanced web application that automates employee time & attendance tracking and allows companies effectively manage their workforce that save spending hours of time used to tallying up hand-written time cards or punch clock cards.

TAMPro is scalable to grow with your business because it’s available in Lite, Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions,TAMPro allow you to choose the optimum way to capture employee time. Whether using PC, fingerprint, RFID or barcode clocks, or even output files from access control system.

TAMPro Features

  • Shift rotation and shift schedule.
  • Automatic direction detection from unknown transaction log direction depend on first in last out principle
  • Night shift calculation.
  • Automatic overtime calculation through the official holidays, weekends and working days.
  • Overtime rates calculation for the official holidays, weekends and working days.
  • Delay rate calculation.
  • Overtime calculation for pre and after working hours
  • Pulling punches form any file format.
  • Integration with SAGEM Clocks
  • Integration with TimeLink Clocks