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Most physical access security systems in use today are based upon tokens such as magnetic cards, identification numbers, and proximity cards. These tokens, because of their inability to detect false acceptance, are sources for frequent security breaches. People can enter these systems with someone else’s token.

Some physical access control systems now try to reduce this fraud thanks to the usage of biometric technologies e.g. automated techniques that are designed to verify or identify people based on their physical characteristics The MorphoAccess? Enrolment and Management System (MAS Pro ) offers the possibility to plug at low cost, in an existing physical access control system, a biometric solution with very few modifications. This system can also operates stand alone when no access control system is available. MAS Pro relies on MorphoAccess? terminals, a wide range of physical access control devices capable to recognize your fingerprints. All MorphoAccess? terminals offer standard communication interfaces compatible with existing access control systems: Wigand, Data Clock, RS.232, RS..422 or TCP/IP.

MAS Pro is based on a client/server architecture which provides the ability to centralize the management of the database and to dispatch the enrolment process to the clients. This system also controls the MorphoAccess? which are connected to it.

MASPro Features

  • Direct connection with SAGEM fingerprint devices.
  • Manage unlimited SAGEM readers and devices at the same time.
  • Support database as SQL Server 2005 , SQL Server 2008 or Microsoft Access.
  • Supports multiple user system with the powers of each user on the screens and processes.
  • Fully integrated with TAM PRO time attendance to use full employee information like ID, name and photo.
  • Smart card personalization Deferent enrollment styles.
  • Group Management to ease transferring log or fingerprint.
  • Easy in setup and configuration.
  • Supports Arabic and English, and the base language is Arabic.